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 Understanding the Maya Art of Holistic Personal Wellness

We have the pleasure to introduce Yaxkin Spa's new generation of wellness personal care visionaries, its Spa Consultant, Holistic Wellness Coach, and Maya Healers. This unique intergenerational Spa team is composed of proactive professional females filled with enchantment, wisdom, and respect for Mother Nature.  They are focus on bringing all Maya Spa guests the best holistic wellness care imagined..   

To help you understand Maya medicinal care and holistic healing, the youngest member, Isabel Gutierrez, a Marine Biologist and Anthropologist dedicated to the Maya explains below the basics of ancient Maya holistic traditions and mindful living. Her youthful glow comes from her years of careful health, wellness personal care and her dedication to understand her body, mind, and spiritual needs at a deep level. "To be healthy is a goal we all should aim to," she explains with a healthy gentle smile that tells a lot about her approach to live, no wonder she is the new holistic wellness coach at Yaxkin Spa.  

"‘Spiritus’ in Latin means ‘breath of life’. Thus, the Healer channels pure spiritual energy to balance and boost your immune system, relax your body, mind, and emotions at a deep level. Maya healing traditions are rooted in such understanding, they work on a person’s “Chu’el” the energy of life itself, using prayer, matter's elements, massages, ancient Maya herbs, gems, and blessed water.  I invite you to experience this truly soulful way of wellness."

  Amira Novelo

Yaxkin Spa Consultant

Traditional Maya Healing Arts
 Based on the Following Sacred Understanding:

Prayer and Meditation

The most powerful energy and source for holistic healing and wellness ceremonies is praying with a deep meditative chanting to bring inner balance and harmony. Mayan healers and shamans offer to Junab K’uj (God’s Spirit) and to the Yuumtsiloób (Mayan gods) a  path to open a healing channel to restore the healthy energy to a person’s ch’ulel. Prayers are always repeated in numerical sequences and are accompany normally with aromatherapy or incense burning of copal and other sacred resins.

 At Yaxkin Spa, each holistic Maya ritual and ceremony starts with a prayer in the presence of light, aromatherapy with sacred incenses, and the blessing of pure, fresh cenote water.  Fire and Air dance together in the harmonious flow of candle light, while sacred musical rhythms (conch or drums) and chants help set the spa ambiance into the frame of a Maya Ritual site.  Our healers use therapeutic organic wraps combined with gem-stone energy purification; Sastuns, blessed pure energy stones that have been charged with the moon or sun energy, are cleansed with organic sea salt after each ritual.
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“If the body is a temple, Yaxkin Spa can help you worship it. Seeking to reunite your soul with nature, this holistic center located just a five-minute walk from the world's most famous Mayan site is devoted to health and healing through earthy elements. Native wild Melipona honey, cacao, avocado, and aloe vera are parlayed into toxin-ridding treatments believed to invigorate one's spirit and body…”

By Ms. Madhu Puri “World’s Best Eco-Spas”,

Conde Nast

Logo yaxkin marca registrada.png

Blue-Green Spirulina Algae Skin Care, the ultimate nourishing skin purification & beauty care: Ya'ax Tun is our deluxe signature skin care, a rejuvenating algae face & body mud treatment. Yucatan's cenote green algae have great levels of phycocyanin, that act as an anti-aging and antioxidant agent, protecting skin cells from damage due to certain radicals. Blue green algae has high quantities biologically active enzymes, lipids &  glyco-proteins.

For us its important to let you know: The International Mayan Science

& Technology  University granted Yaxkin Spa a formal certificate as an approved Maya holistic center. Since we began in 2005, Yaxkin Spa has been a member of the Latino-Americana Spa Association.

Yaxkin Spa Maya Healers & Founders.

 Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa invite you to familiarize with our eco-friendly hotel, leader in green practices, a Holistic wellness hotel and a Maya jungle resort in the heart of the ancient city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. Maya Spa Blue-Green Spirulina Algae Beauty Spa and Skin Care  Yaxkin Spa offers the ultimate nourishing skin purification and beauty care:   Ya'ax Tun Deluxe Skin Care is a Mayan Jade algae body mud and Spa skin rejuvenating treatment.  In Yucatan's cenote green algae exist great levels of phycocyanin concentration, an organic pigment within the algae living cells that act as anti-aging and antioxidant agents, protecting the skin cells from damage due to certain radicals. Phycocyanin has been proven to have significant anticancer properties and anti-stress qualities.  Blue green algae also contains high quantities of lipids, biologically active enzymes and energizing glyco-proteins.
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