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Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa's
An intimate encounter with Mother Nature 

“Unequivocal evidence exists that land-use planning—such as watershed management or low impact development—makes substantive contributions to sustaining Mother Nature... Manmade Wetlands combine beauty and ecological function in a way that few other landforms can. As such, they have been and will continue to be important elements in site design and landscape planning. ” 

    by Naturalist Robert France

Harvard Design Magazine

Fostering Environmental Sustainability and
 preserve the important balance of our ecosystem

Wellness travel allows you to maintain, enhance or start a healthy lifestyle, and supports your health and your own sense of wellbeing. Hacienda Chichen Resort is all about sustainable wellness. We invite you to take time to be in contact with Mother Nature, stroll our botanical Garden and Maya Jungle Reserve, where flora and fauna will bring you full surprises as you come in contact with its creative life. Our extensive property includes large manmade wetlands to responsibly treat wastewater and preserve the delicate balance of life and its ecosystem, as well as to neutralize each guests' travel carbon foot print; thus, giving a total environmental sustainability experience while you stay and enjoy this Wellness Destination & Life Sanctuary. 


"I immensely enjoyed my stay at Hacienda Chichen.  I have told everyone how pampered I felt, with fresh hibiscus placed in my room every day!  Not to mention the wonderful restaurant at the Hacienda.  The chillaquiles were so delicious!!!!  I could have eaten them every day of my visit. My regards to the Hacienda Chichen’s staff.  They were all so kind and helpful to me.  A special Hola to Bibiano,  he is a great birdwatching guide..."

Mrs. June Coleman


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