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 Because it can bring magic to your vacation time! If you are looking for a very special vacation experience, then Hacienda Chichen is the place for you to stay and indulge in pampering experiences, plus savor the soulful  essence of our Colonial and ancient Maya heritage.  Not only you will enjoy a relaxing romantic ambiance, but can truly revitalize your soul in communion with Mother Nature flora, fauna, and other amazing eco-cultural enriching experiences.  Sadly, some travelers choose to endure crowded day-trip tour buses to visit Chichen Itza, thinking that there is not much to enjoy nearby, not knowing that such guided group tours are exhausting and give little value to their overall vacation.
Time to choose the guest-room that fits you best

*Enchanting Serenity: Our 12 historic hotel cottages house a total of 28 guestrooms that are embraced by our Maya Jungle and Nature Reserve. Each cottage offers one or up to four rooms, all uniquely decorated with Mayan crafts and Spanish Colonial accents.  To help you connect with Mother Nature and have a relaxing experience, most of our rooms offer no TV, phones and Internet; you can enjoy such services in the hotel's main mansion; we do offer a few master-room for those guests that must have such services in their rooms.

* Rates for March 20th to March 22nd, 2020 Spring Equinox not shown  - inquire here
** All prices shown in American Dollars (USD). Mexican IVA and ISH taxes not included in room rate shown, but will be applied. Rates are based on solo or double adult occupancy. tree adults per room max. additional person at a charge. two children under 12 may stay fhree with their parents


 Effective from December 16th, 2023 to April 30, 2024* & Rates effective from October. 1st, 2024 to Dic 15th 2024. 

 Rates effective May 1 st, 2023 to September 30, 2023 
For information about our new rates after Dic 15th, contact us by email or call us at our reservation area.
So you can't overnight?... then take
 advantage of our Day Pass choices,
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"A paradise that you must return over and over again! Amazing stay! Greetings to all the Hacienda Chichen staff!"


Ms.Andy Rocker

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