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Indeed, his impeccable cooking has created an award winning culinary experience at our restaurants: Los Faisanes Bistro a formal A/C restaurant, and Chilam Balam dinning terrace over-viewing our lush tropical gardens.  His gourmet menus and catering service have foster our international recognition as Chichen Itza Gourmet Culinary Destination.  It is no wonder, as Hacienda Chichen has won top culinary ratings from respected food critics and International culinary magazines, who consider this green hacienda among Mexico's finest gourmet culinary destinations and the best place to eat in Chichen Itza.
Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa 
Organic Farming & Orchard

"I invite you to enjoy visiting the Botanical Gardens and Organic Orchard of the hotel; these photos will introduce you to what has been achieved so far.

I was part of implementing an organic farming infrastructure at Hacienda Chichen many years ago, by teaching the Mayan staff basic organic protocols and helping them develop habits geared to understand and implement the principles for an organic orchard and farming... also, I expanded the 
catalog the Botanic Garden as well, with the emphasis of producing healthier edible local plants, herbs, vegetables & fruits. Thus, I feel I've contributed

to the Hacienda Chichen's ongoing sustainable cuisine development."

  Jim Conrad   
        MSc Botany & Naturalist  

DID YOU KNOW: Wild honey is found within our land, where we have over 10 different honeybees species living, including the endangered and endemic stingless Maya honeybee Melipona beecheii. The staff is requested to protect all bees; and you as a guest need to be careful to avoid them if you are allergic. This wild raw honey is used in traditional Maya medicine and Spa treatments, in conjunction with many the Maya herbs found within our grounds.  

In 2003, our senior staff and local farmer, Filomeno Mex Tun retired. He is the one who began Hacienda Chichen Resort's Organic Farm, with the help and support of the owners and Jim Conrad.  By  blending new skills with his traditional ancestral Maya farming background, the project has yielded a successful outcome. He gathered a group of local Maya growers to produce most of the hotel's fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and many Maya medicinal plants used at Yaxkin Spa. It was a pleasure hearing him sing with his soft Maya songs, as he worked the fields, before leaving the property to the new generation of sustainable growers. He still visits the land and checks upon the staff he trained and marvels at the success the organic orchard has become.  

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Today, guests can stroll through and visit Hacienda Chichen's sustainable farming, as well as the free range chicken farm just a few steps south of the hotels's main garden. You may wish to request a private courtesy tour of the property and its sustainable programs, including the farming elements that have been implemented to support the organic sustainable cuisine that emphasis the hotels' philosophy.

At Hacienda Chichen Resort avoids activities that destroy the delicate nature of our wildlife habitat that envelops this historic 16th Century Colonial landmark. Due to our commitment and practices of sustainability in the Travel Industry, we have received recognition by multiple International organizations.

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