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Years Ago and Nowadays.

"We are a unique combination of history and innovation, of discovering new ways to better our work and preserving our past legacy and identity.  Hacienda Chichen Resort is more than a hotel: it is a soulful passion uniting energies, visions, and commitments that bring about a wonderful harmony between human enterprise, respect for Mother Nature and, heartfelt efforts for creating a soulful place, for you to embrace life and the wonders of the Maya culture."

 Hacienda Chichen Resort, Owners Statement


"A beautiful hotel that conserve and give you a breath of history, culture and natural heritage of Chichen Itza. I fell in love with Hacienda Chichen the very moment I sat foot in this magical place. We enjoyed long walks, great food, and a relaxing spa treatment. Indeed, Hacienda Chichen's soulfulness took over my whole being; even now I am still in love with it, with its energy and deep respect by which the owners have preserved this breath-taking historic landmark."

BY Guadalupe Grimaldi

New York Travel Consultant


"It was a pleasure to visit Hacienda Chichen Resort, I am still in awe of what you have worked hard to achieve, particularly on preserving the history of the building and heritage..."

By John Hollingsworth, TUI GROUP.

"The Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. is an NGO which Hacienda Chichen Resort workers and owners founded to support the rural Maya children’s welfare, through social volunteer programs that are gear to provide nutrition, education, health, etc."

By Abraham Blanco, Active MFIL volunteer

Nowadays, the younger generation of her family oversee every detail of Hacienda Chichen, the first Mayan Eco-Spa and Wellness hotel in the Yucatan.  Strongly committed to Green living practices and Sustainable Responsible Tourism, the owners constantly remodel the hotel facilities to include earth-friendly features such as LED lights, waste management programs,  implementing a septic and water treatment system, recycling building materials, reclaiming furniture, creating jobs for the local rural Maya people, and dedicating their hospitality services to healthy responsible choices as well as to help travelers experience genuine Maya traditions and a true communion with Mother Nature.
In the 1990s,  Mrs. Belisa Barbachano became the innovating head behind Hacienda Chichen new green vision and sustainable tourism era.  She created a sustainable hospitality operation ran by 99% local Maya workers, dedicating her time to administrate, operate, and implement new green living hospitality practices, teaching local rural Maya hospitality working skills with the help of MFIL volunteers.  Mr. Bruce Gordon became the Environmental Manager of the property, implementing many eco-friendly programs and creating a private Maya Jungle Reserve, Bird Refuge, and a Wildlife Sanctuary.  She continues implementing new services and innovating responsible travel programs to enhance the guests' stay and visit.
 In the 1950s, Mr. Barbachano Peon turned his attention to Mexico's Caribbean islands: Isla Mujeres and Cozumel; where he built his last hotel before his death in 1964. His legacy, vision, and business drive helped the development of tourism as an industry in Mexico.  In the 1960s, after his death, his daughter Carmen Barbachano Gomez Rul became the first business woman in Yucatan to own six major hotels, including the Hacienda Chichen hotel.  After a very successful and fulfilling business life, in the 1990s, Ms. Carmen Barbachano bestowed her family’s next generation the responsibility to continue with her hotelier tradition of providing excellent service to those visiting Yucatan.
During the 1920s, Mr. Fernando Barbachano Peon, the Pioneer of Tourism in Mexico, began promoting visits to Chichen Itza to a few Ward Line cruise passengers stopping at Progreso, Yucatan. From then on, he devoted his life to the worldwide promotion of the Maya Culture and created his first travel company and many custom tours to the Yucatan. During the 1930s, Mr. Barbachano Peon bought the Hacienda Chichen from the Thompson family. He and his wife, Carmen G.R de Barbachano, built lodges and hotels near the Maya archaeological sites of Chichen-Itza and Uxmal.   Driving to Chichen Itza - Diid you know: Hacienda Chichen is the first of Mexicos Haciendas to become a Sustainable Toursim Maya Destination and Maya Eco-Spa in YucatanIn the 1940s, the couple restored the Hacienda Chichen as a part time hotel. Mrs. Carmen trained and selected staff for the couples' hotel ventures. Her loving patience, strong spirit, and hard work helped her husband's company gain a solid position within the int

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