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So much to do, so little time... 

"Hacienda Chichen Resort was a truly spiritual and magical  place, I would absolutely come back and wish we would have stayed longer. We were the first people to enter Chichen Itza early in the morning, at 8 am, the experience was surreal. I loved the hotel’s ground tour as well-from the sacred ceremonial Mayan cave and many other in house activities that we were shown….. we learned a ton about Mayan culture, the history of this 16th Century Colonial landmark and enjoyed so many wonderful moments there, from candlelight dinner at our jungle patio terrace, to checking their chicken farm while staff picked up fresh eggs for our breakfast."

  Guest: Cassandra C.

Things to Do in Chichen Itza:
Hacienda Chichen's Activities & In-House Experiences

“We had the great pleasure of participating in a birding tour at your lovely Hacienda, our guide was amazing. His expertise in spotting birds was wonderful, we are pleaced to share our bird photos with you…”

Cindy & Keenan Sanders



“A beautiful hotel that conserve and give you a breath of history, culture & natural heritage of Chichen Itza, We enjoyed a nice walk & also a very relaxing spa treatment....”

T.T. from Pennsylvania, USA


A picture is worth a thousand words!
Two Different Experiences, One Site, Your Choice:
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Things to Do in Chichen Itza:
Attractions to Hacienda Chichen Resort

"By staying at Hacienda Chichen Resort, you will have many perks that will enhance your visit…. first the amazing early morning visit to Chichen Itza’s impressive archeological zone, with total peace and calmness, truly magical to be there without the heat, the crowds and pushy vendors that are sure to pack the place before midday hours each day.  Then, you can visit so many different places nearby; whether you prefer a Colonial city, or are inclined to spend time in visiting a cenote and other Maya sites…. even go to a Flamingo Sanctuary at the north coastline, just a brief drive and you will be amazed at the beauty around you!"

By Yucatan Adventure Editors

Eco Travel Magazine

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