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Wellness Resort and Maya Spa Destination

Chichen Itza Yucatan Mexico

Hacienda Chichen & Yaxkin Spa 

"One of the Eco-Wellness Hotels we love is Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa; their transcendent innovating vision goes beyond traditional hotel keeping. Indeed, you  leave with an insight only soulful places can provide ! ..."

 Sheila Feldman   
      Senior Editor    


Our commitment to your wellness.

"Working together to mindful care for your wellness and safety; sharing our Maya traditions and values... uniting, hospitality, healthy living and sustainable travel choices..."

Start Planning Your Trip to Chichen Itza
As Hacienda Chichen Resort guest, you have the privilege of visiting Chichen Itza at the early hours of the day, when the place is serene, the sunlight is ideal for great photos, heat is yet to rise … no crowd, no vendors filling up the paths to each temple, just you and a few souls enjoying the beauty and awesomeness of this ancient site. A highly recommended choice!
Day bus tours from riviera maya and merida abound. they are sold massively, but fail to give you the real scope of the experience; as you are not informed of many setbacks that are part of the tour: diving time picking up clientes, then diving to chichen itza, long lines to enter site, rush visit time  on site, hundreds of  vendors stars line up among the temples, the hottest time to visit, crowds swarm the place, & more upset

"The monuments of Chichen-Itza are the most important archaeological vestige of the Maya-Toltec civilization in Yucatan; particularly in the northern group, which includes the Great Ball Court, the Temple of Kukulkan and the Temple of the Warriors, are among the undisputed masterpieces of Mesoamerican architecture because of the beauty of their proportions, the refinement of their construction and the splendor of their sculpted decorations. ! ..."

 UNESCO World Heritage Committee   
      World Heritage List: Chichen Itza, Mexico     

Steeped in Culture, History, & Nature Beauty  

There are few places more naturally isolated than this serene and soulful Colonial Landmark.  Hacienda Chichen Resort is a boutique Spa hotel within a private 200 Hectares Maya Jungle Reserve, dedicated to wildlife conservation and reforestation; located amongst the ancient city of Chichen Itza, offering guests the comfort of its own garden gate to the Maya archeological visited site; such gate is control by INAH and is currently awaiting the official post-pandemia reactivation for our guests.  

An ideal vacation destination for romantic couples, family gatherings, or just friends wanting to have a fun and relaxing to spend time together, exploring the amazing sites nearby, or staying at this lovely paradise with so many in-house activities that are sure to bring you awesome moments to remember. Create your own Mexican Fiesta, our catering planners will be happy to help you plan a great time!

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If you are looking for a unique nature-wellness vacation and wish to experience genuine Maya traditions and its culture, then this boutique hotel, Hacienda Chichen Resort, is the place for you.  Its ideal location gives you direct access to Chichen Itza archaeological zone with an entrance gate within the hotel's own gardens! Book a few nights to experience all what our nature wellness services have to offer your: green living and mindful refreshing activities to wash troubles away, rest, relax, and revitlize your blance, harmony and health.
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We are happy to inform our guests that the archaeologists' team of  INAH, Mexico's National Institute of Archeology and History, is working hard to restore many Mayan temples at Old Chichen. Thus, the only entrance currently active to visit Chichen-Itza site is the Main Gate. We hope our guests understand the importance of these works and plan their visit using the Main Gate to this archeological site at this time. Photos bellow are from INAH TV video clips.

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