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"Climatic characteristics of any site has obvious impacts on building performance, especially in its energy performance, indoor thermal environment and impacts on its surrounding. The key characteristics are temperature, humidity, air quality, potential pollution sources, solar intensity, wind patterns, soil conditions and site drainage. Sustainable buildings are designed for human wellness, building operational efficiency, and effective use of natural resources." 


Faculty of Civil Engineering,

Universiti Teknologi Petronas,  Malaysia
Published by EDP Sciences, 2014

To bring you utmost comfort, Hacienda Chichen Resort  has implemented an interior design to each cottage by adapting sustainable architectural strategies that take into account the Tropical Sub-Humid Climate of Yucatan Peninsula; we did this without loosing the original feeling and aspect of each building; as we employ the strategies of traditional structures with modern tools to enhance our sustainable travel and hospitality vision and mission. In addition, the hotel uses only eco-friendly protocols to ensure a healthy and environmentally responsible commitment. Our emphasis on green living performance has gained us many awards and recognitions, and the heart of many guests who appreciate our efforts for improving the quality of their visit. We hope you will enjoy these efforts too!

For your peace of mind...

Because we care for your overall wellness

Hacienda Chichen's operational protocols included a complete sanitization of each room; in addition we have certified our staff with strict cleaning practices for Legionella pneumophila and COV19. We use BioProtect 500, a antimicrobial protection treatment that inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, mildew, fungi, as well as viruses that contribute to colds and flu, allergies and asthma caused by mold as an extra protection for you.

Enjoy a relaxing stay & a comfortable nights sleep...

We invite you to choose the room that fits your needs, from our various types of guest-rooms.  All our room cottages are decorated in a Colonial style fused with Mayan culture, Mother Nature and with our commitment to sustainable living, achieving a pleasant harmonious environment. A great advantage that we have is that each cottage is spaciously distributed throughout our spacious Botanical Garden, this provides you with the perfectly private and intimate ambiance only found in Hacienda Chichen.  Our commitment to help you achieve a Carbon Neutral Vacation Experience goes hand in hand with our desire for you to enjoy Mother Nature at its best. Expect to enjoy our Maya Jungle's amazing views & sounds, which calls you to connect your mind, body, & spirit with Mother Earth in ways only a Paradise could.

Our Master Suites
each cottage is embraced by nature...

All Masters Suite have spacious interiors, ideal for a relaxing stay, giving you a sense of "home away from home" with the additional luxury of many pampering amenities & extensive intimate views of our botanical gardens.  Choose our 2 full beds or one King bed master. 

Because we love to pamper you...
Tatiana Master Suite
enjoy the privacy of your own cottage... 

Tatiana Master Suite, housed in an independent cottage; offers you the ideal place for a romantic stay. Its Colonial country decor includes original artwork and hand-carved wood furniture, old fashion rocking chairs and a handmade hammock to relax and enjoy the sounds & beauty of Mother Nature around you.

Honeymoon Guest-room
 intimate Queen bed charm

Feel like never before, truly engulfed by Mother Nature, in your own intimate paradise. Our Honeymoon guest-room are intimate and romantic, ideal for you to enjoy time together in privacy….. candled light nights, sounds of nature, dinners under the stars, and much more await you… create your unique romantic moments to last a lifetime.

Because you love to pamper yourself...
... these add on will make your stay special
Double Full Bed Rooms

Hacienda Chichen is an ideal place for a family vacation, a retreat group, a special event, exclusive wedding party, or a stay with your friends to joy each other's company in a private eco friendly setting.

The hotel also offers a few rooms for those guests traveling with their furry pals. We are a Pet-Friendly hotel, please read our pet policies!

Come to explore Yucatan's Maya archeological sites, visit cenotes & caves, beaches, etc. Observe its flora and fauna. go birding, or just relax in our fabulous swimming pool, even order lunch right there! 

Historic Double Full Bed Rooms

Our historic rooms conserve the charm and size of the original housing that famous archeologists built during the early 20Th Century, when Chichen Itza's temples and pyramids where first reconstructed. Ideal for two adults reserving a short stay as they are petite.

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"A paradise that you must return over and over again! Amazing stay! Greetings to all the Hacienda Chichen staff!"


Ms.Andy Rocker

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