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definitively is our birding

"Long ago, The Great Spirit Guard of the Maya World, Halach-Uinic’s will was law. One day he grew tired of the constant fighting among the birds, so he gather them to announced that the birds must choose a King to keep peace…”

And so goes the ancient Maya legend about the King of Birds: the Quetzal, an important symbol to ancient Maya people meaning “precious and sacred.”  It is incorporated  in Maya Quiche mythology in the figure of Gucumatz, Kukulkan in the Yucatec Maya, and Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs.  So it is no surprise this bird was considered divine in Mesoamerica."  

By Isabel Gutierrez

Anthropologist and Maya Scholar

Birding helps you connect with nature because it is non-seasonal; you can enjoy the experience any time while you visit Hacienda Chichen Resort. A highly recommended activity for guests of all ages, even if your have never done it ! Birding will inspire you and awaken your sensitivity and enjoyment of nature, helps you understand the importance of green living practices and support wildlife habitat conservation.  If you are a seasoned birder, you will be amazed at the amount of bird species you can observe in our Maya Jungle and Bird Refuge! So bring your pair of binoculars and get ready for a memorable treat.

“Our birding guide was amazing, we were able to photograph a pygmy owl without disturbing him at all…”

Guest :Cindy & Keenan Sanders

"A perfect place to photograph rarely documented & unusual birds species in Yucatan..."

By Barbara MacKinnon,
Regional  eBird's Data Reviewer

“Really relaxing place to listen birds singing around you...”

Guest: Stacey B.

Birding lovers will be amazed at Hacienda Chichen's private Maya Jungle and the amount of bird species found here. 

Guest: Carla Zarza

DID YOU KNOW: Kukulkan is the Feathered Serpent Deity of ancient Mayan people, associated with rulership, agriculture, language and the sky. In Chichen Itza, one of the most important ancient cities of Mesoamerica, you find the iconic Kukulkan Pyramid, a majestic architectural achievement declared in 2007 as one of the 7th. Wonders of the World.  

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Yucatan Bird Guide: list of birds found at Hacienda Chichen Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico   Anis and Cuckoos       Bunting Birds      Cardinals & Grosbeak       Currasows and Guans      Doves and Pigeon  Egret      Euphonia and Finches      Falcons & Caracaras      Flycatchers      Galliforms    Crackles and Cowbirds  Gnatcatchers and Grassquits       Hawks and Goatsucker Birds      Humming Birds     Jay Birds     Motmot Birds   Mocking Birds        Orioles        Owl Birds        Parrots        Quails         Swallows and Thrushes         Tanagers  Tityra and Bacaard       Tucans    Turkey      Trogons     Vireos       Warblers       Woodpeckers and Woodcreepers  Yucatan Endemic Birds   Black-birds
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