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"Nestled in the jungles of the Yucatan, Mexico, near the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins, is yet another preserved part of history: the Hacienda Chichen & Yaxkin Spa. Its Colonial architecture will amaze you, with its reclaimed "period furniture" and historic fixtures. Another equally important part of Mayan culture preserved at this renown eco-boutique hotel is the culinary aspects of Mayan cuisine it serves with utmost care to its original roots.

Hacienda Chichen's Maya Chefs have the fortune of being surrounded by the hotels' Mayan jungle Reserve, which to most indigenous people is like a vast supermarket of opportunity. Hacienda Chichen & Yaxkin Spa also has its own organic gardens and orchard, both lush with herbs, vegetables, and fruits.  With all these fresh organic ingredients only a few steps away from the kitchen, what could make a chef happier? These Maya chefs respect all of this and in turn gifts them to his diners."

  By Lisa Sim   
          Epoch Times  

Professional Wellness Care...

Because we care for your overall wellness

Hacienda Chichen's operational protocols included a complete sanitization of each room; in addition we have certified our staff with strict cleaning practices for Legionella pneumophila and COV19. We use BioProtect 500, a antimicrobial protection treatment that inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, mildew, fungi, as well as viruses that contribute to colds and flu, allergies and asthma caused by mold as an extra protection for you.

“Thank you. The service of your team was faultless and the food was amongst the very best we enjoyed in Mexico. You should be very proud…”


Mr. Mark Gandy

Prepare yourself for a truly delightful food experience at Hacienda Chichen, offering you top quality cuisine and diverse culinary choices, organic gourmet cuisine, delicious flavors and zesty aromas.  With an exceptional Maya Cuisine background and Gourmet Fusion Menu Selections, our Maya Chefs have caught the attention of many professional culinary critics for his artistic and exquisite cooking achievements.  Their traditional Maya culinary heritage and innovative Organic Fusion Cuisine, together with his passion for fresh healthy ingredients and product quality, ensures you a delightful food experience.

"If you have a special diet or allergies, our Chefs will make sure to serve you personalized entrees to meet your health needs.  So relax and enjoy their cooking, like many food-lovers that value our healthy gourmet meals.  Our team of Maya Chefs menu selections will surely dazzle you. Backed by their commitment to purchase top quality foods, such as aged beef cuts, seafood, free range organic eggs from our own chicken farm, and the daily fresh picking of vine-ripe organic grown fruits, herbs and vegetables, grown in our organic orchard or locally produced with utmost care for tasty meals and your health."

By Isabel Moreno Lopez,

Sales Manager Hacienda Chichen Resort

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Zona Hotelera de Chichen Itza, KM. 120 Carretera libre 180-Puerto Juarez
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico C.P. 97751
USA & Canada Toll Free: 1-877-631-4005  Mexico Phone: +52-999-920-8407
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